Wedding Trends for 2024

With the wedding industry constantly changing, couples are always looking for the latest trends that will make their special day as memorable as possible. The wedding industry continues to evolve and diversify, exploring a wide range of engaging topics from sustainability to the integration of technology. In this article, we will explore the top wedding […]

Behind the Scenes: Day in the Life of the Event Team

Event planning involves a complex combination of organisation and problem solving, as well as a tremendous amount of creativity. The glitz and glamour of grand events may dazzle, yet it’s the dedication of a skilled event team that is truly responsible for their success. In this article, we will discuss the highs and lows of […]

Exploring the Rich Heritage of Le Windsor

Le Windsor is a famous example of grandeur and majesty in downtown Montreal, amid bustling streets and lofty structures. Since 1878, Le Windsor has been one of Montreal’s greatest event venues and part of its rich cultural history.  Our History The first Le Windsor building was constructed in 1878, occupying the whole block between René-Lévesque […]