When planning a wedding, a few key elements must be chosen with care: the dress, the rings, the guests, the venue, and the wedding cake. If you’re still on the lookout for wedding cake inspiration, here is a list of the most popular cake trends in 2018.


Marble Fondant Cake
This modern and minimalist cake has long been a favourite at weddings. Classic and refined, it promises great taste and elegance, and is always a roaring success at fashionable parties.

Drip Cake
Ranked as one of the top wedding trends in 2017, the Drip Cake continues to be extremely popular. Served at some of the biggest celebrity weddings, these cakes are quite versatile and can even be accompanied by other cakes.


Tiered Cake
Tiered wedding cakes are well-loved by many, as they offer the possibility of combining different kinds of cake (gluten-free, vegan, or simply different flavours) into a dessert that satisfies everyone’s food preferences.

Naked Cake
The naked cake is one of the biggest wedding crazes on social media. This sumptuous tiered cake can have multiple layers, each with its own unique flavour. It’s a newlywed favourite!


Sculpted Cake Decorations
Whether they’re doughnuts or cookies, “sculpted” edible decorations are a sweet new trend for crowning wedding cakes. Half decoration, half cake, the result is a completely romantic dessert for your wedding.


Hand-Painted Cake
The hand-painted fondant cake is a beautiful and elegant choice. After being served at several celebrity weddings, the hand-painted cake quickly became the latest wedding fad. Many variations are possible, but each one will leave a lasting and delicious impression.


Gold Leaf Cake
A touch of gold can dramatically transform a wedding cake. Edible gold leaf will elevate your cake and transform it into a sophisticated and truly unique dessert.


The cake is the crowning jewel of your wedding party. At the end of the evening, all eyes will be on the dessert table! We hope this list of wedding cake trends is the inspiration you need to choose your perfect cake. If you have any questions about sumptuous wedding cakes or wedding parties, please contact us and our team will be delighted to guide you. You can also read about our favourite suppliers: