Whether it’s a ten-year wedding anniversary for friends or your parents’ diamond anniversary, hosting an anniversary celebration is a great way to honour a couple’s time together. Major celebrations in a reception hall are usually plannedwhen a couple reaches 25 years or more of marital bliss. This type of event gives the couple an opportunity to celebrate their union, while loved ones share beautiful memories and friendships created over time. It’s not only about celebrating the couple’s life together and honouring their past, but also about celebrating the future. Here are the steps for planning the perfect wedding anniversary.


Guest List

People usually invite close friends and family to these events. In particular, think of friends who were involved in the wedding or who have known the couple for many years.



The first step towards planning an anniversary party is setting a date and time for the event. Of course, you may want to plan the party on the exact anniversary date, but that’s not always the best option. Choose a date that is close to the actual wedding anniversary. For this event, you could also book the venue on a Sunday instead of the usual Saturday. Set the date a few months in advance so that you have enough time to plan the party and send out the invitations. This will give the guests time to make the necessary travel and accommodation arrangements.



Choosing a theme is key to planning the party, as it serves as a starting point for making decisions about everything, from the decor to the food. The theme of the wedding anniversary should reflect the couple’s image. Choose a theme based on their tastes, such as a time period (the time period during which the couple got married), traditional elements, a colour (from the wedding) or, more traditionally, the couple’s wedding anniversary symbol to ensure that the decor is elegant and consistent. Here’s a list of wedding anniversary symbols to guide you:

  • 1st – Paper
  • 2nd – Cotton
  • 3rd – Leather
  • 4th – Fruit/Flowers
  • 5th – Wood
  • 6th – Candy/Iron
  • 7th – Wool, Copper
  • 8th – Bronze, Pottery
  • 9th – Pottery, Willow
  • 10th – Tin/Aluminum
  • 11th – Steel
  • 12th – Silk, Linen
  • 13th – Lace
  • 14th – Ivory
  • 15th – Crystal
  • 20th – China
  • 25th – Silver
  • 30th – Pearl
  • 35th – Coral
  • 40th – Ruby
  • 45th – Sapphire
  • 50th – Gold
  • 55th – Emerald
  • 60th – Diamond
  • 75th – Diamond

By selecting your theme in advance, you’ll make your guests even more excited as they will know what to expect.



Take the theme and the couple’s tastes into account when selecting the menu. Include options for people with dietary restrictions, such as gluten-free and vegetarian dishes. Decide whether you would like to serve a formal seated meal or have a cocktail party.



Wedding anniversary decorations are usually based on a selected theme, colour, time period or symbol. Add a few personal touches that illustrate the couple’s history. You could include photos of the couple taken during the years of their marriage and life together.



First, you should ask guests to submit a memory or photo of the couple to create a slideshow or guest book.

For music, you could hire a band or DJ to play classics from the time of the wedding. You could ask the band/DJ to play the couple’s favourite song, their wedding song, hits from their favourite musicians, songs from concerts they attended or even just music that will remind them of special moments. Take time beforehand to think about songs that have meaning for their relationship. Feel free to ask the guests to help create a collaborative playlist that will keep everyone entertained all night long.

Set aside time in the entertainment schedule for tributes and speeches from loved ones so that family and friends can share their love and anecdotes about the couple during the celebration. Nothing makes people more sentimental than seeing pictures of a person’s life stages, or especially a couple’s life together, either through a collage or a slideshow.



You’ll want to keep memories of the happy couple’s anniversary celebration. Hire a videographer or photographer to capture the event. Try showing the photographer the couple’s wedding pictures so that the photographer can recreate a few of the iconic moments of the wedding. Create a hashtag for guests to use at the party, making it easier to compile photos and memories.



When planning an anniversary celebration, start early and take your time so you don’t get overwhelmed. Whether you’re a host or a couple planning your own party, make planning less stressful by involving family members and friends. Also feel free to contact the team at Le Windsor to help you plan all the details and give yourself a chance to fully enjoy this happy celebration.