Whatever your academic level, earning your diploma deserves a first-rate graduation dance. Before taking the next step towards a new life and a bright future, graduates need to put their years of study behind them. Here are some tips to help make the occasion truly unforgettable.

The planning committee
Organizing the perfect graduation evening is a collective effort. Put together a planning committee and implement the use of an online project management tool to help manage your team (there are a number of free tools available). Split volunteers into small groups or subcommittees for the greatest efficiency. Subcommittees can be set up to manage budgets, fundraising, logistics, decorations, catering, entertainment, tickets and invitations.

Tickets and guest lists
When establishing the number of guests expected, don't forget to consider "plus ones" (friends and family of the graduates). Agree on a ticket purchasing policy (for example: tickets should be purchased exclusively by individuals from the school or department, with no more than one additional ticket per person). Since guests may forget or lose their tickets, it is best to prepare a complete guest list for those taking tickets at the door on the day of the event.

The theme
Choosing a theme can set the tone for the event, serving as a guide for decorations, the menu and the overall ambience. Although a theme in your school's colours is a classic choice for year-end celebrations, you can always opt for an original theme. Some theme ideas are: movies (Harry Potter, La La Land, The Great Gatsby, James Bond), countries (France, Italy, Spain) or special events (the carnival, casino night, a masked ball).

The menu
Expect to have guests with dietary restrictions and allergies. Sending out a survey with a deadline (an online survey is ideal) will ensure that the caterer has ample time to plan for all guests.

Promoting the event
To make sure your event is a successful one, promote the evening's activities and entertainment, and organize contests with prizes to be given on the night of the party. Adding an element of mystery, such as a secret party location, will also elicit your guests' curiosity.

Setting up the location and using a checklist
You're finally in the home stretch and every detail has been meticulously planned—a checklist will ensure you cover all your bases. Enlist your volunteers and assign them all tasks. This will surely involve some extra planning, but it will be worth it in the end. Have a list of important phone numbers ready in case anyone needs to be reached at a moment's notice. Don't forget to share your checklists with the reception hall's coordinating staff.


Before you know it, the big day will have arrived with nothing left to do but throw the party. Above all else, don't forget to enjoy this amazing occasion. Do not hesitate to contact our team of experts for further questions on how to organize and hold a graduation dance.