Whether you’re organizing an employee-appreciation day or the highly anticipated Christmas party, planning an office event is no easy feat. You need make sure not only that your colleagues, many of whom are office-party veterans, are entertained, but also that you bring new, exciting ideas to the table, which can be surprisingly complicated. The good news is that in addition to offering beautiful ballrooms that will appeal to all your guests, we provide a few ideas to help you meet your colleagues’ expectations.


90s nostalgia – Dressing up in nostalgic fashion is a guaranteed success for any evening event. As far as office parties go, the 60s, 70s, and 80s have reigned supreme for almost 20 years. It’s time to shake things up and put the 90s and 2000s in the limelight instead. The rich pop culture of the time will excite all your colleagues regardless of age. Sneakers, overalls, chain wallets, fluorescent windbreakers, ripped jeans—your office mates have countless wardrobe options; all that’s left is for you to is choose a playlist that screams “90s!”

Awards banquet – Highlighting your colleagues’ accomplishments is a great way to encourage and motivate your teams. In addition to naming an employee of the year, create fun and enjoyable awards that will put a smile on all your employees’ faces, such as “best dressed,” “most friendly,” “most inspiring,” “most creative,” and “most outgoing.” The important thing is to stay positive and involve everyone. Create personalized certificates or trophies and present them at an awards dinner. Make it a chic event by having your guests wear suits or evening gowns.

Talent competition – Give your employees time in the spotlight by organizing a talent show at your next office event. Your colleagues might surprise you with their hidden talents.

Games and activities

Relaxation area – Set up a game and relaxation zone in one corner of the banquet hall. Deck it out with classic board games and video games that we all played when we were younger (you could even ask your colleagues to bring their own for the occasion). Guests will be able to play between dance numbers.

The Price is Right Before the event, assign a number to all your guests; then, during the evening, randomly draw a few numbers. The chosen participants will go on stage and be tasked with guessing the prices of items chosen beforehand. Choose everyday items or, if you wish, products from your company’s catalogue. Many of your colleagues will already be familiar with the concept of The Price is Right (or its Quebec cousin, Misez juste), which is sure to get the crowd roaring with laughter.

Office Olympics – The Olympics always get countries and people buzzing. Create your own version of the Office Olympics by holding competitions such as elastic shooting, page stapling, speed typing, and colleague impersonations. You could ask your colleagues to help think up creative and wacky disciplines.

Pub quiz – Pub quiz evenings are very popular. Consider organizing one for your next office event. Choose questions related to your line of business or pop culture to get everyone participating.

Dance class – Hire a dance instructor for an hour to teach your colleagues dancing basics at the start of the evening. It’s a great way to get everyone moving and set the tone for the event.

Photo booth

Photo booths are a guaranteed success for any office party. Modernize the concept by including a slow-motion photo booth to replicate the slow-mo video feature that all our cellphones have nowadays. You’ll be sure to create hilarious and lasting memories.

Christmas party special

Sugary decor – End-of-year celebrations are characterized by their delicious aromas of gingerbread and freshly prepared sweet treats. So decorate the hall to match: candy canes, cinnamon hearts, gummy bears, frosting, and, of course, candy. You could also encourage your colleagues to build their own gingerbread houses, or you could organize a competition for the event to crown the most beautiful gingerbread house.

Christmas classics – Nearly everyone revels in holiday R&R by re-watching classic Christmas films with the family. During the meal or at the end of the evening, you could project a Christmas classic or selected scenes on a screen without sound (most attendees will know the lines by heart). Your colleagues will appreciate the gesture and surely get into the holiday spirit.

Hot chocolate station – Set up a Christmas-themed hot chocolate station with hot cocoa, chocolate pieces, chocolate shavings, marshmallows, and other sugary garnishes. Warm your guests’ hearts and taste buds.

Ugly holiday sweaters – For many, ugly sweaters have become a holiday essential. Get everyone laughing by asking each guest to wear their best ugly sweater.

After the party

Your taxi has arrived – Make sure that all your colleagues have a way to get home safely by looking into one of the many safe-ride services available. Even better, take the initiative to facilitate everyone’s safe journey home to their families by supplying your colleagues with taxi vouchers or other similar vouchers.



You now have several ideas for pleasantly surprising your colleagues. All you have to do is get started. Feel free to ask our team for help with the organization and details to ensure your office or end-of-year parties are smashing successes.