In a previous article, we had already discussed organizing fundraising event, and this time round we wish to examine the most popular fundraising methods in 2019. Demographic changes, the arrival of millennials, new consumer patterns, the importance of climate challenges, and environmental issues are turning the world of fundraising on its head. Here are the five most popular fundraising methods in 2019.

Experiential auctions
In 2019, we spend less time buying commodities and more time living experiences and sharing them on social media. For example, a family trip is a very popular experiential gift. Your donors feel less satisfaction with physical commodities, but more with memories.

Fund-a-need is based on the principle of asking donors to donate to a specific need, cause, organization, idea, or service. There is no winner or highest bidder, donations are unlimited, and the price of an item is not inflated by more bids.
One fairly well-known example of fund-a-need is a dance contest. Ten dancers, each supporting a specific cause, compete on stage during your fundraising event. Viewers vote by donating for their favourite dancer. The person who has raised the most funds at the end of the night is designated as the winner of the contest and all funds are then donated to your cause(s).
And it doesn’t stop there: you could also consider having your donors win experiences and sell more by adding different contribution levels (experience 1: $50; experience 2: $100, etc.).
With fund-a-need, your donors can support your cause by sending a text message to a special phone number with the amount they wish to donate. This very popular method also allows you to raise funds for multiple causes at the same time depending on your donors’ inclination and interest. This program has been gaining in popularity for two years now in all areas of fundraising.

Recurring donation
When a donor chooses to make a recurring donation, they decide to donate a predetermined amount on a regular basis. Donations can be monthly (the most common option), bi-monthly, or annually. Recurring monthly donations have increased significantly over the past year and this trend continues into 2019. This has a direct positive impact on your financial viability by creating a regular stream of income. Recurring donors are also more involved, donate more, and are more permanent.
However, such donations are often harder to implement. To guarantee success, we suggest that you offer a wide range of payment options and, most importantly, that you accept online donations. Also, please make sure that you promote your recurring donation program properly, for example on your website, on social media, in your newsletter, and at your events. You should also use these technologies to initiate and maintain a dialogue with your donors throughout the year.

Take advantage of your next fundraising event to highlight your recurring donation program among your guests.

Corporate donations
A donation from a corporation to a non-profit organization to assist with its mission is usually acknowledged by the non-profit organization thanking the business concerned for supporting its activities, programs, or special events.
In recent years, companies have begun to invest more in socially and environmentally responsible initiatives, largely driven by the rise in responsible consumerism and supported by their employees who have an awareness for the different issues. There is a strong correlation between a corporation’s social and community commitment and an employee’s involvement in the workplace.
Corporate donations also allow you to reach new audiences (donors or volunteers) through the same corporate donors. An effective way to implement corporate donations is to propose a donation-matching program in which the corporation commits to matching its employees’ donations.

Small silent auctions
Silent auctions at a charity event are still a great way to earn more revenue and encourage virtually all your guests to participate. These auctions remain very popular with the guests and are generally even highly anticipated.
However, they do take a lot of time to organize, often more than any other element of your event. And since organizing a fundraising event is often synonymous with time optimization, we suggest that you go for smaller silent auctions. Having fewer items at auction will make your auction more efficient and will also be a more effective use of space. Take advantage of these silent auctions to boost the scope of your event using social media by creating a buzz around the most attractive items and set up an online auction system to simplify your own and your donors’ lives.


For your fundraising campaign, it is vital to plan ahead and to stick to that plan. As with any worthy or vital cause, success is usually the fruit of flawless execution, which is well thought-out and carried out in small successive steps.
You also have to generate a sense of empathy by being authentic, regardless of the strategy and the cause. Check the authenticity of your messages, and remember that donors make emotional decisions as well as reasoned ones. Being authentic means sharing messages and stories that are motivational, but not manipulative.
We hope that these few ideas and suggestions will help you reach your goal. Please feel free to contact us to ensure the success of your next fundraising event.