The year is drawing to an end and it will soon be time to celebrate with your colleagues, marking the end of one year and the start of a new one. A Christmas party is an excellent way to thank your team for their last 12 months of work. But how do you mobilize them and get them to have fun?
Here are a few tips to help you make your office party memorable.

Instill the spirit of Christmas.
Encourage people to move around, instead of staying seated all evening.
Don't force people to play games. Let them decide when they are ready to participate.
Change environments–don't hold the party at your workplace.
As much as possible, let people sit where they please. Remember that people don't necessarily need to be seated by department.
Christmas Spirit at Le Windsor

Surprise your colleagues.
Choose an unconventional party time: invite them for a long brunch or lunch. Most employees will expect an after-work party. By choosing a different time, more team members may want to attend. And if you opt for an evening Christmas party, hold it in the middle of the week so your colleagues enjoy a fun break in their week.

Enchant them with an exciting theme.
Charm your colleagues by renting a fun and unique place and choosing a Christmas theme: an era (the '40s and '50s), a Christmas film (A Christmas Story, White Christmas), a cultural theme (Christmas around the world), etc.
For example, throw a masked ball. You could ask guests to wear a decorative mask, hire a small band or choir as entertainment and voilà—you will have created a Phantom of the Opera Christmas party. Be sure to let your guests know the theme ahead of time. Encourage them to buy their own mask so that they can match it with their evening wear and their partners' outfit. Have a few extra masks on hand in case anyone forgets theirs.

Make party planning a collaborative effort.
Organize a group activity with one or several companies. You will save money on the party and promote collaboration and networking. Whether you have a small company looking to reduce costs at Christmas or a large company seeking partners, a shared Christmas party is an excellent way to reward your staff, meet new people and create business opportunities.

Get involved in your community.
Make your company Christmas celebration unifying and meaningful by getting involved in your community. Is there a local school, social business or a charitable organization that you could help? Use your office party as a time to raise awareness or funds for a cause that will help engage your colleagues and become an excellent complement to your social responsibility policy.

Whether you decide to throw a group Christmas party, hold a themed event or support a cause, your Christmas party will definitely build morale, readying you for a new year of success.

Contact us today and together we will help you plan an event that you and your colleagues will remember for years to come.