Would you like your next event to be extravagant and unique? The following tips will help you create an original and exclusive event that is sure to dazzle your guests. The team at Le Windsor Ballrooms offers you a list of key elements to plan a lavish event to remember.


Your event must be created with a desire to grab your guests’ attention. Staging must be perfect: a dazzling decor (our Versailles and Windsor ballrooms are already fully set up), beautifully decorated, and lit in such a way as to create the perfect atmosphere. And last but not least, music and food to truly wow your guests.


The perception of luxury varies from person to person. The secret to planning a sumptuous event is to be sure to add personal touches to your offerings, and mostly to be faithful to your brand values. Authenticity is the peak of luxury.


If you want your event to live on in the memories of your guests, be different. These days, events are difficult to distinguish from one another: the ideas, styles, and concepts are often similar. Cultivating difference is what will leave an impression on your guests. Find the right balance of culture, design, and history to highlight your vision of luxury. It is not about shocking your guests, but rather, it is about adding an unexpected touch to your event.


Be sure to hire the most professional service providers who embody the same values as you do. When working together, communication will be easier and ensure continuity in your event.


Above all else, it is essential to embark on your event with passion and attention to detail. It is important to work with a committed team, people who understand your project and who will ensure a spectacular result.


Our team at Le Windsor Ballrooms, with its detail-oriented approach and high-quality services, is at your disposal to make sure your next event is one to remember.