Well if you are reading this, you are most likely late, and all the venues you’ve called to host your holiday party are booked! And now you’re panicking. But, guess what? You’re in luck because there are many legitimate reasons why it makes sense to have your company’s holiday party after the holiday season.


1. Everyone’s calendars are nearly booked! Some event venues (such as the Windsor Ballrooms) still have a few available dates, but the key dates are generally gone. Also, your employees need enough RSVP time to save the date in their calendars. December is already a very busy month for work deadlines and family reunions.

2. Availability is higher. January and February are quiet months for everyone, so you will find more venue choices and your employees will be freer. You will get a higher turnout and a more desirable day of the week! So, schedules are freed up, and your turnout will be stronger and more inclusive, which will, in turn, create a more memorable moment.

3. Stress-free is the most obvious reason. November and December are incredibly stressful and busy months for everyone filled with deadlines, yearly reports, evaluations and events from left to right. To top it off, the babysitter is too busy studying for his or her exams and has already committed to other babysitting jobs!

4. Prolonged holiday season. Let’s face it, January is slower, the pressure is off, and we start feeling the blues creeping on our moods. So, planning a last party in mid-January to early February, builds anticipation for another party.

5. Boost company culture, enthusiasm and values by rewarding your employees with a Thank You/Appreciation dinner & drinks (**don’t forget that your budget is higher to splurge on your employees because you are most likely able to negotiate a rebate on your venue!).

6. It is the perfect opportunity to have an honest company recap. You can plan it the same night as your company annual meeting to build motivation and team-spirit.

7. Have fun with the party! It doesn’t have to be tamed with Christmas-like decorations and themes. It leaves room for more creative entertainment ideas.


In the end, you are improving productivity, building relationships, and saving on costs! What better excuse to host your holiday party in the new year! 

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