The success of a fundraiser all comes down to the generosity of donors. Since it is easier to retain existing donors than it is to find new ones, we've compiled a list of fundraising ideas that are sure to keep donors engaged:


Auction event

Whether open or silent, auctions are always a popular choice for donors where they can bid on items or services in exchange for their donations.

  • The cost of admission generally covers a meal or cocktail dinner over which the auction will be held.
  • Don't hesitate to call on partners and community members to donate items or services to be auctioned off at the event.
  • When appropriate, the ever-popular 50/50 raffle can help raise extra money. It also guarantees an exciting win for one of your donors.


Themed gala

Galas are key events in fundraising campaigns and provide the perfect setting to raise money in style. An original theme is sure to make your organization stand out and entice guests at the same time.

  • Profits from ticket sales and table sponsorships go directly to the organization.
  • Projecting live acknowledgements on screen during the gala encourages others to donate during the event.
  • To make giving as easy as possible for your donors while maximizing your fundraising potential, you should accept donations through various means, like cash, cheques, or SMS.


Battle of the bands

Organizing a music competition is a great way to draw attention to your cause and raise money in a festive setting.

  • Bands pay a registration fee to sign up for the chance to win the grand prize of your choice.
  • Audience members pay admission to attend the event and support their favourite band through a paid voting process.
  • Online voting is recommended for a quick final tally of votes during the event.


Networking breakfast

Set yourself apart from the traditional after-work networking cocktail by bringing your professional community together over breakfast. Your guests can eat while listening to a talk on the subject of your choice.

  • Guests pay in advance to reserve their spot at the event.
  • You can maximize your fundraising potential throughout the year by organizing regular events covering complementary topics.


Whether you opt for one of the suggestions listed above or have an idea of your own, The Windsor's turnkey event planning service can provide the support you need to make your fundraising event a success. Feel free to contact us for further details.