A successful fundraising event captivates and engages donors. Here are a few fundraising event trends that will help draw attention to your cause in 2018.


Experiential Fundraisers
Donors are in high demand, and attracting their attention can be challenging. You must give your guests an unforgettable experience, one they can easily share in their immediate circle (particularly before the event). To do so, it is important to choose a concept that speaks to your target audience, and make sure that it is consistently executed throughout. Next, get your community engaged through technology and social media (videos, informative vignettes) to attract attention before the event. Use gamification (make your activities fun) and peer-to-peer technologies to get your guests involved: individual fundraising pages, reward badges, leaderboards, etc.


Well-Branded Fundraisers
Successful charity events often have one thing in common: strong branding. Across the various channels of communication available—websites, social media, newspapers—a constant, consistent, and recognizable brand is crucial. Create a graphic identity through a colour palette, fonts, and a logo. Your brand identity should then be used in all your communications, and may also be added to promotional materials, such as t-shirts, water bottles, or tote bags. Be sure to create hashtags for your events, as they will allow you to interact with guests throughout the event, and measure the success of your event once it is over.


Mobile Fundraisers
Mobile fundraisers have become more popular among charitable organizations in the past few years. Why? They are quick, secure, and easy.

Here are two ways to use mobile technology for your charity events:

  • Mobile auctions. Participants can place bids on items up for auction using their mobile phone, and receive notifications when they are outbid. This technology is particularly useful for silent auctions.
  • Text-to-donate campaigns. As the name implies, this mobile technology allows a donor to give via text using their mobile phone. This feature allows you to easily accept donations, and even allows absentees to donate remotely.


Recurring Donations
One of the hallmarks of a successful fundraiser is the ability to collect donations over time, rather than simply during the fundraising event. Here are a few ways to achieve this:

  • Accept direct debit donations using a payment method that accepts bank cards.
  • Encourage monthly donations. Set up a monthly donation program and be sure to create mini-campaigns throughout the year to encourage donors to take part.
  • Keep in touch and stay connected. Sending thank you notes after an event is good, but maintaining an ongoing connection through your website, social media accounts, and newsletter is even better. Be sure to keep your donors up to date on all your activities and results, and keep the conversation going.
  • Stay connected. Be sure to be active and accessible online through your website and social media. That way, donors won’t forget about you.

To reap the greatest rewards from your donors, engage with them throughout the year.


Collecting Data Along With Donations
Analyzing numerical data allows you to get to know your audience (their preferences, interests, and donating potential) and personalize your approach. This will give your patrons a greater connection to your cause and encourage more generous donations.


In 2018, take advantage of technology to get to know your audience in order to improve your communications throughout the year and tell your story in a compelling and engaging way. Donations will follow. Your fundraising event should be the culmination of that strategy. If you have any questions or need help on your fundraising journey, contact Le Windsor.