The party’s over! What now? Most events only last one night, and what you do afterwards can significantly increase its impact for your client or organization. Below is a five-stage checklist to complete after every corporate event.


Say Thank You
One of the best ways to ensure that participants will remember your event and your client or organization is to acknowledge the importance of their contribution, big or small. Consider sending the clients, speakers, personnel, guests, and donors a gift to commemorate the event and their involvement. This personal recognition will leave a strong impression on your participants and ensure that the event stays in their minds well after the evening is over.


Receiving feedback from your participants is the best way to understand your event’s impact. The information you receive from this survey will help you plan upcoming events and offer pointers for future communications.


If you take the time to define measures of success in the initial planning stage, you will easily be able to evaluate the success of your event once it is complete. Combine quantitative and qualitative data for best results. Take note of any issues during this step and remedy them for your next event.


While everything is still fresh in your mind, correct all documentation and communications (images, videos, and speeches). Update your social media accounts and website. Take note of all the important people who attended your event.


Determine which content will be useful for your brand’s future communications. You can dedicate a section of your website to this content and upload a video montage of the event to boost future event ticket sales.


By following these five stages, you will successfully conclude the festivities. Our team is here to help with all upstream stages.