Gender reveal: Make the baby shower a gender reveal party and let guests guess the gender of the baby.


Decorations: Use pastel colors, balloons, and onesies to decorate the space. Create a photo booth with props such as baby bottles, pacifiers, and bibs.


Themed events: Choose a theme that suits the expectant parents’ style, such as a tea party, a jungle adventure, or a vintage circus.


Food and drinks: Serve finger foods, such as fruit skewers, sandwiches, and mini cupcakes. Offer non-alcoholic mocktails or a signature drink to fit the theme of the party.


Games and activities: Play baby shower games, such as “Guess the Baby Food” . You can also create a diaper raffle, where guests bring a pack of diapers to enter a drawing for a prize.


Favors and gifts: Give guests a small gift, such as a onesie or a candle, as a thank you for attending. Encourage guests to bring a signed book instead of a card to start the baby’s library.


Registry: Have a registry table for guests to learn about the expectant parents’ needs and wants for the baby.


Keepsakes: You can also create a memory book with photos taken at the shower.


Remember to keep the expectant parents’ preferences in mind when planning the shower to make it a special and memorable celebration for them.