Our event coordinator Amy, shares a few tips on how to plan a wedding during COVID-19. 


Planning your wedding during COVID...

Planning a wedding can be chaotic in itself, but throw pandemic into the mix, and it is unheard of.

This is unchartered territory for us all, but panicking won’t help!


STEP 1: Keep calm 

Keep a positive outlook. We now have all the time to make the changes necessary to accommodate you and your special day.



STEP 2: Have a plan B

Uncertain times are still ahead, so we must be proactive. 

As a community we are hopeful this will end soon, but to keep everyone sane, you need to:

     - Discuss alternate dates with your venue & coordinator

     - Verify these dates with your families, bridal parties, and most importantly vendors!

     - Quickly, lock-in the date that works!



Step 3: Keep busy  

The biggest complaint I hear from future brides and grooms is “I wish I had more time to get creative.” If this pandemic has given us anything, it’s time!  


     - Smash that workout goal to fit into the dress or suit of your dreams,

     - Reach out to family members and bridal party,

     - Keep connections alive,

     - Write those vows,

     - Grab your fiancé, put some music on, and learn that first dance. 


Take this downtime to get creative for your wedding, scourer the internet for DIY projects to bring that special personal touch to your day. 

Your fiancé and you can make a wedding ceremony arch, wedding favors, or even finalise the seating chart. Explore YouTube tutorials and Pinterest ideas. 

Who knows, doing a DIY project with your fiancé might bring you closer, or at least give you something to laugh about in the future!

Whatever you envision, whether you have artistic talent or not, the importance is that you make this time count. 


Step 4: Give notice to your guests

 Essentially, you want to share this special day with your guests, so they need to be notified of any changes. 

Most of you have already sent out invitations, or told your wedding party to save the date, so now your guests are just as confused as you.  

You should make the decision to postpone your wedding a minimum of 2 months in advance to give everyone time to prepare. 

If you postpone, and move forward with your new date, then advise your guests asap!

Send them a fun postponement card by mail, email, or even a short video! 

It will reassure your guests and allow time to adjust their schedules.



Step 5: Plan beyond your wedding 

Do not let this pandemic define you or your new life ahead. Getting married is an exciting time for you and your fiancé.

The virus will soon be a thing of the past! 


Here are a few things I think are worth exploring now:

     - Start looking for that dream home 

     - Or add a little love to your current dwelling; how about a renovation project? A new pool or deck? Any home improvement will add value to your property

     - Create that overdue budget,

     - Organize your living space, 

     - Garden and cook together, 

     - Plan that dream honeymoon or vacation


I always say, 

“home is where my husband is and as long as we have one another, we can conquer the world”.

Bring that motto into your home and live by it together. 

Step 6: Stay in touch with your planner 

Your planner can help with:

o advice, 

o potential new dates, 

o floorplans, 

o internal décor, 

o bar details, 

o sort out your timeline, 

o keep you updated on your venue’s new developments.



Speaking and zooming with my wonderful clients has allowed us to keep connected and feeling excited about the future, knowing better times are on the horizon.  

It has been wonderful to continue the wedding plans with you all! We are always here to guide and support you throughout these difficult times. 

We hope you know that your coordinators will be with you every step of the way regardless of when your wedding comes to fruition. It will be a reception worth waiting for!


Love and light to you all, 

xoxo Amy