Location is certainly the first thing that comes to mind when planning a fashion show. Montreal is a cultural and historic city teeming with design and fashion talent. It is also one of North America’s three major production centres. Choosing Montreal is sure to highlight your event’s creativity. It is important to know exactly what you and your guests may require in an ideal location. Here are four factors to consider when choosing the location for your next fashion show.


The Extension of a Narrative
Presenting a new collection is an opportunity to tell the story of your brand. The story begins at the moment of creation, when you allow inspiration to breathe life into your new collection. Where you choose to present your work is a crucial extension of that narrative. For your brand’s story to take hold, it is essential to choose a visually compatible location: the height of the ceilings, history of the location, and architecture. Also, on a more practical level, it is important to make sure that the location can accommodate your catwalk and sets. The historic character of The Windsor Ballrooms offers the perfect backdrop to enhance a brand’s narrative thread.


Smooth Execution
Fashion shows can be hectic for you and your PR team to manage, and having VIP guests, journalists, and teams in attendance can complicate operations. A location that allows large crowds to circulate freely is priority. Take advantage of our team’s valuable experience in fashion show logistics to be sure everything goes off without a hitch for you and your guests.


The Creative Vision
Major fashion brands are often looking to push creative boundaries and unveil new aesthetic trends. Brands want to offer guests a unique and lasting sensory experience through live creation, choreography, artistic happenings, etc. This need to experiment must be indulged by the location you choose. It is important to check that the location you choose will allow you to fulfil your creative vision. Our team will be happy to guide you.


The Location’s Reputation
Fashion shows are like no other event. The magnitude of production, set design, lighting, and direction make their execution a mammoth task. Choosing a reputable location and a team with experience in organizing such events is one of the keys to success. Plan a meeting with the location’s coordination team. An experienced team will be equipped to help you overcome any challenge, and will even suggest ideas to enhance your fashion show.


Do not hesitate to contact us and view Le Windsor’s portfolio of past events to discover the spaces and the possibilities they may offer. Our team is at your disposal to help your collections come to life.