1. One-stop-shop

Picking the venue for your graduation party that has a one-stop-shop concept is vital. It will simplify your life! Not only should the site offer most services and products necessary for a graduation party, but it should also be included in a package format. You will avoid surprise charges that, in the end, can cause headaches and might even explode your budget. The Windsor Ballrooms is an excellent example of an event space that has a graduation package that makes it easy to book.   

2. Coordinator

If this is your first time planning an event, you should hire a coordinator who knows what you will need to think about or at least be guided by a colleague who has planned your school’s past graduations. Necessarily, it will give you peace of mind. In some cases, the venue of your choice that is a one-stop-shop might even include an in-house coordinator within your package, like at the Windsor Ballrooms, that will help you and be present the day-of to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

3. Location

For a graduation, you want to ensure that the venue you pick is near your school district, it facilitates two things. One, more graduates will attend because everyone invited is already accustomed to traveling to and from the area. Two, you can provide a transportation service to and from your school for your students/parents if parking near the venue is difficult.

4. Parking

Make sure the event space you choose has enough parking options for the attendees so that the evening starts fluidly without delays. You should check whether the venue provides reserved parking spaces or has valet service. If the site is in a city-center, parking provision will typically come at an extra fee.   

5. Spacious venue

Finding a venue that can accommodate a group slightly larger than yours is important because it is more than likely that you will have last-minute parents and professors who will decide to attend the graduation. It would be a shame to have to refuse more people because of the size limitations of the space configuration. Also, more space means you have more flexibility in bringing in entertainment such as a band, DJ, photobooth, dancefloor, and so forth. 

6. Flexibility to create a theme

Sometimes, your students might want to create a theme for their graduation, so it is helpful when you have equipment rental options and choices to choose from, like at the Windsor Ballrooms. If your school colors are black and gold, it makes it even more memorable for your students to have gold plates and cutlery with black tablecloths and napkins. Centerpieces are rarely included in a package, so you might want to save a portion of your budget towards this. Your coordinator can then make recommendations as to which vendor fits your needs. 

7. Cleaning and security

When you book your venue, verify what the conditions are regarding the cleaning and security. Try to have these elements included within your package, so you don’t have unnecessary charges post-graduation day.


By following this 7-point checklist, you will have peace of mind and a guaranteed memorable graduation party that everyone will be reminiscing about for months. If you follow these recommendations, you might even find yourself enjoying the evening instead of worrying if everything is running smoothly.