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Perfect Ideas for Office and End-of-Year Parties

Whether you’re organizing an employee-appreciation day or the highly anticipated Christmas party, planning an office event is no easy feat. You need make sure not only that your colleagues, many of whom are office-party veterans, are entertained, but also that you bring new, exciting ideas to the table, which can be surprisingly complicated. The good news is that in addition to offering beautiful ballrooms that will appeal to all your guests, we provide a few ideas to help you meet your colleagues’ expectations.

How to Plan the Perfect Cocktail Party

Cocktail parties are extremely popular, elegant events designed to entertain and bring together business partners, clients, employees and friends. Such parties were all the rage in the early 1900s, but then lost a bit of their prestige at the end of the century. But, thanks to their versatility and easy planning, they have since regained their lost appeal. A typical cocktail party lasts two to three hours. You can taste bite-sized canapés and sip on alcoholic (or alcohol-free) beverages while talking to other guests. As a host, you have the privilege of introducing the guests and ensuring that food, drinks and anecdotes don’t run out. Here’s how to plan the perfect cocktail party....