Fun and Original Ideas for Your Graduation Party

In a previous post, we discussed how to organize a successful graduation dance. This time we will give you ideas on how to add a modern touch to your graduation dance and have fun doing it.

Invent a unique hashtag for the dance and create a poster to spread the word. Using the hashtag, guests will be able to share memorable moments from the evening, as well as view photos posted by other guests on social media. When the dance is over, a virtual photo album of the entire event will have been created, from the planning stages to the party itself.

Photo board
Assemble a variety of both posed and candid photos from your graduating yearbook and post them on a fun memory board for all to see at the event. For added fun, use an instant camera to take photos on the spot to be pinned to the board throughout the party. Leaving blank spaces for people to write messages will also create a more interactive experience for the guests.

Prepare a guestbook and set it up in a central location. A guestbook is a great keepsake for memories, comments and positive feedback from guests. Messages can be photographed or scanned later on and posted on social media along with the event's official hashtag. Another idea is to set up a video booth with a camera or iPad to allow students to record their thoughts and impressions to make a digital guestbook.

Photo booth
Set up a booth to photograph guests in front of a background matching the event's theme. Alternatively, a blackboard in the background can mimic a classroom, and a hanging white frame resembling a Polaroid photo border can give your photos a retro look. Offer to post these photos online using the event's official hashtag.

A graduation party marks the accomplishments achieved and memories created on the road to success. We hope that these ideas will help you to create your own incredible memories. Do not hesitate to contact us to help make your graduation dance a success.