In-person business meetings allow for clear communication and more efficient decision-making. Whether you’re meeting with partners, suppliers, or employees, adding a touch of decorum to your professional meetings is the key to success. Too often, meetings last longer than they should and are consequently less effective. Here are a few recommendations for a successful meeting.

Set an Objective Determine a clear objective to set the tone for the meeting and mobilize your participants. Your objective should be specific and measurable. If possible, ask participants to arrive with a list of ideas.

Schedule Wisely If you would like everyone to participate, choose a day when your teams are most likely to be motivated and attentive. Every organization has its own rhythm. Try to schedule your meeting on a day of the week when your colleagues will be most receptive.

Explain Your Ideas When you present new ideas or complex information, explain everything with a brief story and use examples.

Come to Decisions The most efficient meetings involve stakeholders to ensure that decisions can be made immediately. If a key decision-maker is absent, reschedule the meeting or replace the missing individual with someone who can make decisions or report the information in their stead.

Set a Time Limit Meetings that drag on for hours cause participants to lose their patience and concentration. The participants’ attention span is short, and their time is precious. The most productive meetings begin and end on time.

Prioritize To ensure that your objectives are met, address the most important issues first. This way, if participants begin to lose interest, or if some individuals need to leave during the meeting, you will still meet your primary objectives.

Recap At the end of the meeting, briefly summarize all the decisions and deadlines that were discussed and ensure that everyone understands the next steps. Everyone must leave the meeting knowing what is expected of them. Immediately schedule future meetings.


When you organize a business meeting outside the office, participants are less distracted and more involved. It also gives you the opportunity to strengthen work relationships. Are you looking for your next business meeting location in Montreal? Look no further and call us! Our team will be delighted to help you make this meeting a success.