Are you planning your wedding in 2019? Windsor offers you some of the most stunning wedding trends this year, which we have divided into six main categories: fashion, colours, themes, plants, decors, and details. From the wedding dress to the smallest details of the decor, we invite you to discover and draw inspiration from some of the top trends of the year.

This year’s bridal gown has to be both bold and original, so feel free to stand out: large three-dimensional floral ornaments with huge bows, multilayered and tiered dresses with transparent bodices or low necklines right down to the navel, etc. This year, feel free to embrace exuberance, but do keep one important rule in mind: sustainable development. Choose eco, ethical, or second-hand materials.
In terms of fabrics, velvet is the number-one choice in 2019. Whether it’s the groom’s suit, bridesmaids’ gowns, or subtle details on shoes or ribbons on the wedding bouquets, velvet adds a touch of texture and luxury to your wedding.
In 2019, if you don’t wish to wear a bridal veil, that’s just fine because hats are in. Take out your Panama hats, straw hats, felt hats, fedoras, or wool hats, which are the perfect accessory for your bohemian bridal look.


In 2019, 70s fans are in for a treat: rust is one of the year’s trending wedding colours! Somewhere between burgundy and orange, this shade is perfect for a retro-chic wedding with an “exotic desert” atmosphere (compare the Moroccan theme). Rust can feature on the bride’s gown, the bridesmaids’ gowns, or as a touch of colour on accessories or flowers.
The other colour of the year announced by Pantone is Living Coral. This cheerful, upbeat, and warm colour blends easily into any wedding theme.
It can be used for invitations or certain elements of the decor. Above all, it’s the perfect colour for your floral decorations, from the wedding bouquets to the table floral decorations.


Non-traditional use of space is now fashionable. You could arrange your wedding ceremony by seating your guests in a circle around you. It’s not just an original arrangement, it also gives you a sense of being surrounded by the love of your family and guests. You could also consider an arrangement in a long line, such as our famous Peacock Alley for a feeling of intimacy.
Morocco is already a very popular wedding and honeymoon destination. And in 2019, exoticism and Moroccan culture will be in demand: cozy lounges, hanging lanterns, star patterns, vibrant fabrics, and warm desert hues.


For floral designs, larger-than-life floral arrangements are in high demand in 2019. We only have to think of the floral arrangements for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, which made such an impression and are still in fashion this year. Giant hanging arrangements of floor-to-ceiling floral walls are perfect for a fairytale wedding.
This is also the year of non-traditional floral compositions, where fresh flowers are replaced by wheat, ferns, and reeds. They are unpretentious, yet they add depth, style, and elegance to your wedding.
In 2019, roses make way for dahlias as the queen of flowers. This flower is shaped like a star and comes in a very vibrant range of colours. Dahlias go with any decor and add texture to your floral universe.


In 2019, balloon walls are the new flower walls. Balloons are no longer just for children’s parties. They can create a wonderful, festive decor for your wedding.
One of the most unique trends of 2019 is neon lighting. Replace traditional wood-etched panels with luminous signs in cursive letters in pastel and shimmering colours, which will create fashionable backlighting for your photo shoot. Neon signs will create the perfect Instagram spot for your contemporary guests.

The small touches
Vellum paper is a grain-free, silky smooth paper that has made a comeback in 2019. It can be used for beautifully illustrated usher’s cards, invitations, and envelopes. Speaking of illustrations, one of 2019’s wedding trends is to order a piece of art from a local artist. You can reproduce this artwork on your invitation cards as a souvenir of some elements of your evening decor.
In 2019 the trend is for personalized place cards. Replace generic cards with handwritten notes for your guests.
Metallic details are also one of the most striking decor elements this year. No matter what the main theme, add small metallic touches: copper and bronze are the metals that are in vogue in 2019. Copper is a warm element and bronze lends a medieval note.

We hope that all these trends have inspired your dreams and have given you food for thought for your own wedding. Please feel free to contact our Windsor team, who will be pleased to assist you in planning your dream wedding.