Event management & planning has experienced a transformation in the past year that is here to stay. What I am about to say may irritate some of you, but COVID has brought some positive side effects, namely sustainable practices, most often involuntarily! For a while, world news highlighted our impact on the natural environment; so many to whom this mattered little now must make more environmentally conscious decisions. 

HOW CAN YOU MARK YOUR EVENT "SUSTAINABLE"? Consider these 3 factors:

1. Smaller in-person audiences (side effect of gov’t restrictions on travel and gathering sizes)

  • Less travel to the event destination (world summits & tradeshows are less popular). 
    • Inevitably, your event’s ecological footprint is reduced 
    • Another positive spinoff: when traveling becomes easier, people might spend more time at the event destination to mix work and leisure because they've adopted a remote work lifestyle over the past year (less frequent short-stay travels = better eco footprint!). 
  • Pick a venue close to your audience’s workplace. Like the Windsor Ballrooms, a downtown venue is a wise choice because it is in proximity to many hotels, restaurants, offices, and public transportation means. 

2. Alternative audiences

  • Offer virtual live attendance options. It promotes equity, ethical responsibility, and safety from virus contamination (smaller crowds are more manageable).  
  • Upload the event recording online for days or months onwards. The content will reach a wider audience, and you can maximize profits by charging viewership access. 

3. Choose a venue that makes conscious ecological choices.

  • A venue like the Windsor Ballrooms offers reuseable equipment rentals that are sophisticated and eco-friendly. Single-use dinnerware and glassware is the first thing your guests will notice, and, trust me, they won't be impressed even if it is "compostable!" 
  • Opt for individually portioned meals to reduce waste. Food stations and buffets are wasteful and pose a COVID spread risk.  
  • Offer doggy bags to take home leftovers in eco-friendly packaging is a great way to avoid waste. 
  • During this past year, countless tech companies have developed affordable Apps & technology that allow participants to follow schedules, register with contact, & communicate with virtual attendees. It eliminates printing needs & is more COVID-friendly.   


Not only is it a community duty to act responsibly and be exemplary event planners, but it is marketable, and people will recognize your actions! #greenevents #sustainable #awareness #oneplanet


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