1. When is the event? 


There is strong evidence pointing to the possibility of a second Coronavirus wave, so confinement is up in the air!

To prevent any uncertainty, planning a hybrid event might be your best bet if you want to host some form of general gathering by the end of the year or in early 2021.  

A firm date will give your employees something to look forward to without doubting its possibility! 


2. What is your budget? 


Any form of a virtual event will inevitably be significantly less costly than a full in-person event at a local venue. The Windsor Ballrooms offers special rates that fit your needs and budget.

Without a doubt, web-diffusion requires more funding than a simple all-virtual event because it involves at least one skillful technician, an a/v system, a seamless integration platform, and a reliable, strong WiFi connection to prevent any glitches for the spectators at home.

If you have extra budget, the at-home audience might appreciate a delivered goodies basket to compensate for the lack of on-site cocktails and fine dining. 

At the Windsor Ballrooms, we offer such customizable complimentary baskets.



3. Where are your attendees coming from? 

Once you’ve determined the purpose and tone of the gathering, you can decide if the audience is globally, nationally, or regionally dispersed. The further apart your attendees are across the world, the more appealing a hybrid event becomes in these uncertain times.


If you are leaning towards a hybrid event rather than a full-virtual one, you need to ensure the live attendees can travel to the venue of your choice and feel safe going. Putting a cap on the number of live participants is essential and shouldn’t exceed your government’s strictest policy. Ideally, the hosts, speakers, and special guests should be at the venue rather than the listeners.



4. Are you and your employees tired of Zoom meetings?

If zoom has become a daily or weekly work tool for your business, the likelihood that a fully digital general assembly excite your employees is low. Disassociating Zoom videos from meetings becomes challenging. Conversely, by announcing a hybrid event with a pertinent agenda and guest speakers, your offering becomes different and unique!


Hybrid events are professionally organized, scheduled, and filmed. Investing in a reputable audiovisual team is essential for seamless interactions between audience members and speakers present at the venue. Without a doubt, it becomes more entertaining!


At the Windsor Ballrooms, we suggest adding fun components to your hybrid functions to increase engagement. For example, we offer delivered goods’ baskets for the at-home attendees, and we can create live contests, implement real-time polls directly in viewers’ screen margins.


5. Do you miss and crave the structure and order your company once had before this chaotic period? 


A hybrid function can satisfy this craving with its clear agenda and conduction. It should be the highlight of the year!


Here are some content ideas:

  • It can include a presentation on your company’s milestones
  • Employees who have made a difference (who stands-out in a time of crisis)
  • A map of your business’s status & restructuring process (then, now, and next)
  • Open-ended questions to all-level employees’ opinions on creative pivoting ideas and solutions (with an anonymous box to enter “answers,” and “best ideas” can be revealed after a break)
  • The live component can have an interview between your president and an important figure in your industry.
  • It can commemorate employees in virtual attendance, including prizes, bonuses, etc.



6. Not convinced yet? Here are more advantages. 

  • Higher attendance. It’s easier to schedule a timeslot in your schedule to open your screen. You can extend the usual regional or national attendance by reaching world-wide partners and employees abroad.
  • Recorded event. Everyone who couldn’t visualize the live stream can now access the video and feel included.
  • Your employees will feel safe in the comfort of their homes.
  • Overall, it is merely logistically & fiscally more appealing for all.


7. How to pick a venue for a hybrid event? 

  • Most likely, your preferred audiovisual company that does your usual events now offers such services and has exclusive rights with venues in your local area. So, ask them.
  • Research which venues offer turnkey packages like the Windsor Ballrooms that already include a web-diffusion component. This way, you eliminate the potential room for errors with an A/V company working in an unfamiliar space where internet connections may not be strong enough.
  • Make sure the venue is large, airy, tall ceilings/good airflow, interesting to look at, offers F&B and is COVID-conscious. No one wants a blank backdrop! For example, at the Windsor Ballrooms, you can create a luxurious and festive feel to your event with its tall ceilings, ornamented walls, a large selection of furniture, and mood-setting lighting. 




Written by Laurie Robitaille, Sales and Marketing Manager

Translated to French by Isabelle Rochon, Director of Sales